Americans feel ripped off by the Corres’s bait and switch and it seems now we’re going to seeing a free for all where they will mercilessly rip the site.

It was disappointing to realize — to actually see in the numbers — that while The Correspondent raised $2.6 million in part by stressing diversity and inclusivity, tapping ambassadors like DeRay Mckesson and Baratunde Thurston, the Dutch site is not a model of that diversity.

There is a lot of criticism and hate in the Netherlands as well but it’s not so pronounced because:

  1. The site has its provenance in the Netherlands.
  2. It’s a small country and you never know who you’ll need again in the future (“the media in The Netherlands is more tight-knit, insular, and male than it is in the U.S.”).

The USA is not bothered by either of those and that creates a more honest environment because frankly a lot of the criticism is valid.

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